Do you have a business? Are you a person who wants to build a strong brand? The Grand Brand branding agency will help you create a strong, stable brand for your business.

With energy, focus and commitment, we will create a strong brand for your idea that will capture your vision, mission and energy. So that you can attract whole masses of new, loyal customers. Are you planning to build a business brand? Or maybe you want to build a strong personal brand?

Founder: Michael Beast

The founder of the Grand Brand agency is Michael Beast. Creator, designer, entrepreneur. He prepared creations and campaigns for both large international corporations and well-known personalities from the world of business and show business. Now he is actively building his global personal brand.

Personal Branding Star

Are you an artist, entrepreneur, orator, author and want to become an influencer? Build your personal brand, create a loyal community around you and use one of the biggest leverage in the world of business and entertainment – your personal brand. Visit the Personal Branding Star website.

We're hiring!

Grand Brand is constantly looking for people for sales positions, creative and people for customer service and project management. If you want to work with us, then convince us! Email us at