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are you a Grand Brand?

We believe that every business, startup, artist or specialist that wants to give true value to their customers can become a leader, a star on the market. Your unique proposition will attract unique tribe of people and our job is to make it happen for you. Tell us a bit more about your business or idea and we will come with the best possible solution for you.
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What is branding?

The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumers’ mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

Grand Brand thinks outside the box, search for new solutions, not follow what seems to be known, trendy and safe. They seek inspiration outside advertising, and discover solutions where normally we wouldn’t look for them. They are open-minded, honest and polite. Malgorzata Nierodzinska

Creative, Leo Burnett

1. Set foundations

Do you know the brands that attract the right customers? Than their customers become loyal followers and ambassadors? What brands come to your mind? They surely have great product or service but so does the others. Can you tell the difference? Would you like that for your business? It’s because leading companies know, protect and communicate their mission, values and code. That’s why they attract individuals that share the same values and want to join their mission.


What can you do now?

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2. Show your beauty

Do you know great companies that lack of a great appearance? We sure do! They have outstanding product, they put their heart and effort to give great value to their customers, but they are not the prettiest ones… It’s like having a reliable but ugly car. You sure are going to use it, but if you had that same quality and reliability in a beautiful shell, which one would you choose? That’s why we can take care of your brand. Create gorgeous logo, design modern, responsive, fast website and craft professional packaging and marketing materials.


What can you do now?

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  • Let our best art directors and designers work with passion for your brand here.

3. Shine on Grand Brand!

Now you can have the most appealing mission in the world. You can have prettiest looking product or app, but how will you get your customers? Doing great business without putting it in front of your customers will make you no money and help zero people. You didn’t even heard of companies that had great strategy and design but failed because… well they failed! That’s why we can come with a smart marketing strategy, beautiful promotional materials and will assist you on your journey to your next 100, 10k or even million new customers.


What can you do now?

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